From Caped-Crusader Clips to Batmobile Go Carts

 - Jun 12, 2011
One look through these badass Batman innovations will let you know why the Dark Knight has been kicking ass for so many years.

From the time that Adam West donned his cape to the raw gritty depiction of the superhero by Christian Bale, Batman has undergone several changes over the years. Whether he was a friendly superhero to kids or an intense vigilante bent on saving Gotham, there's no doubt that he's a hero that many have enjoyed over the years. His never-ending battles with the Joker and the pains he endured at the hands of Bane are just some of the experiences that have kept comic book fans entertained for years.

The Dark Knight Rises hasn't hit theaters yet, but flip through these Batman-inspired innovations and you'll see why he kicks so much ass.