These Sammy-400 Treatment Ads Hurl Adversaries at Eachother

 - Mar 8, 2011
References: sorentohealth & adsoftheworld
These epic Sammy-400 Treatment ads are proof that no brand or product is too mundane or too far removed from pop culture to incorporate a bit of flavor into their advertising.

Featuring epic arch-rivals such as Batman and the Joker, or George Bush and Osama Bin Laden, the Sammy-400 Treatment ads aren't afraid to get a little controversial or to tap into popular comic book lore in order to get their point across: that their product helps alleviate even the most aggressive osteoporosis-induced arthritic pain out there.

Whether or not those old enough to need arthritis pain medication will be greatly influenced by references to Batman and the Joker may not be certain, but without a doubt, these Sammy-400 Treatment ads will definitely have an impact on their much more mobile children who may in fact be the ones running to the store to purchase it for their ailing folks. With that in mind, this may just be one of the more brilliant advertising campaigns to come a long in a while.