- Aug 27, 2017
The August 2017 photography trends are reflective of technological developments as a whole.

Cards and drives can hold more data on smaller spaces than ever before, and one of the results of that straightforward technological development is an increasing degree of focus on the field of photography. More data ultimately led to cloud systems for data storage, and that, coupled with increased internet bandwidth around the world, means that it's easier than ever to share (and thus to see) high quality photos. The photography industry is booming, and the August 2017 photography trends reflect that.

Part of the result of an inundation of photography is that people strive for ways to stand out from the herd. Ironically, apps have subsequently arisen that intentionally make users' pictures look older, not newer. The 'Bricks' app turns ones pictures into heavily pixelated arrays of color, while the 'Gudak' app applies a realistic-looking disposable camera filter.

From Pixelated Photo Filters to Machined Aluminum 4K Cameras: