From Spine-Inspired Seats to Plush Robot Bed Designs

 - Aug 9, 2015
These August 2015 furniture trends range from spine-inspired seats to day beds that are shaped to resemble the plush robot from famed Disney film `Big Hero 6.` While minimalist furniture reigned for the past few months, this month`s aesthetic is more playful and fun. In addition to dress-inspired chairs -- designer Giorgia Paolini`s Sediagonna seats draw inspiration from runway staples -- these August 2015 furniture trends also include paper-made desk concepts are eco-friendly and modular.

The month`s other standouts include rustic leather benches and clawed side tables that can be described as eclectic and vintage-themed. Following in the footsteps of fashion designers, furniture manufacturers are pushing past function and are creating pieces with more ornamentation and personality.

These examples fuse aesthetics with practicality and will appeal to fans of distinctive home decor.