This Fabric Lamp was Created Entirely in a Tailor's Shop

 - Jul 7, 2015
References: metrocuadro-design & design-milk
Metrocuadro Design has created this fabric felt lamp that features a button-up seam on one side. It appears as though this lamp is wearing a gray snowsuit to combat cold weather.

This desk or table light is called 'Sleeve Table Lamp' based on it fabric shell. The gray lamp sits atop any flat surface and emits light from the top of the open lampshade as well as from the bottom of the lampshade on either side of the base.

When it is illuminated at night, the light gray fabric glows with a soft yellow hue and the pearl-like buttons glisten under the light. This fabric felt lamp was handcrafted in Italy using light gray felt that was sewn together with bright red thread to add a pop of color to the otherwise blandly colored lamp.