From Vegan Pancake Mixes to Knotted Fashion Kits

 - Apr 8, 2017
The top April 2017 DIY ideas range from easy to ambitious, with consumers of all ages challenging themselves to make their own solutions for entertainment, eating, fashion and more.

Some of the most standout DIY ideas include Adafruit's 3D-printed selfie light and a Whole Foods partnership with Juicero, which introduces a unique way for shoppers to make their own fresh juices in-store from prepackaged pouches.

As ever, do-it-yourself kits remain an extremely popular way to give consumers a head start on making a project from scratch. Some of the newest pre-assembled project kits for makers include everything needed to make delicious at-home cakes, fashion for kids, cheese, condiments or jewelry. These sets help to give people a hand in creating something of their own design from scratch, while also giving them the ability to learn and appreciate what goes into the making of their favorite products.