From Leggy Lace Editorials to Talcum-Tossing Fashion Photography

 - May 28, 2012
They say you can’t wear white before Memorial Day and after Labor Day, so enjoy these stunning all-white photoshoots while you can. The head-to-toe monochromatic look is a classic combination that has maintained its popularity for countless seasons.

It’s now kosher to wear white all-year round because rules don’t exist in fashion. While some pieces -- such as white pants -- are harder to pull off than others, there are a number of other flattering options for both sexes. What better way to flaunt your glorious summer tan than with a ladylike tulip dress. This trend is not just for the bronzed beauties out there; an all-white pant suit looks just as lovely on an alabaster complexion as it does on their envious tanned sisters.

Get inspired for a knockout Fourth of July party outfit or a summer wedding look with these ethereal all-white photoshoots.