From Cheesy Beer Pretzels to Whiskey-Seasoned Turkey Recipes

 - Sep 29, 2015
While the sweet notes of beer, vodka and whiskey are often brought out in alcohol-infused dishes involving confections like cookies, cakes and candies, many creative chefs are opting to play up savory flavors instead. While something like beer can chicken was popularized years ago, foodies of today crave sophistication from dishes like bourbon and maple syrup-glazed ribs or a butternut squash risotto prepared with a dry white wine.

Rather than serving pretzels with a tall glass of beer, Food52 created a recipe for homemade beer cheese that is meant to elevate and enhance the classic pairing.

Savory booze-infused items are becoming so loved by the mainstream that the Buffalo Wild Wings Eatery recently collaborated with the Boston Beer Company to create an entire menu of burgers, wings and appetizers that are infused with alcohol.