From Bum Bag Beer Coolers to Portable Blast Chillers

 - Dec 7, 2012
Hosting an event can be quite hectic and one of the things that run dry really quickly are cooled drinks, but there are a variety of quick fixes with alcohol chillers.

These alcohol chillers will definitely make the lives easier for the chuggers or connoisseurs. Those devoted to creating ideal drinking temperatures for different wines will enjoy the wide selection of coolers from frozen wine corkcicles to add-on spouts that chills as it pours.

Whisky and scotch lovers can try the soapstone ice cubes that keep the fiery liquor cool without watering down the drink. And of course, beer lovers and chuggers always need an abundance of ice-cold goodness, so why not try a DIY sci-fi cooler or a bum bad beer cooler on the go?