Scotch Rocks Make Drinking Scotch on the Rocks a Literal Experience

 - Jun 20, 2011
References: stonechilled
Scotch Rocks are hand-cut granite stones polished to mirrorlike perfection, but unlike other stone drink-chilling cubes, Scotch Rocks are packaged in a unique branded wooden box with a sliding top. The box and all can be stored in a liquor cabinet or placed in the freezer to chill. Plunk a few cold Scotch Rocks into your favorite old-fashioned tumbler or sherry copita and drown them in the single-malt Scotch of your choosing.

The Scotch Rocks will chill your beverage without watering it down; as any serious Scotch aficionado will attest, Scotch is better when it is undiluted. Once you’ve finished your ice-cold Scotch on the rocks, pull a few more chilly stone cubes from the freezer and have another. Scotch Rocks definitely deliver an experience that bears repeating.