- Jun 11, 2010   Updated: Jul 18 2011
The Abby Sunderland story is a perfect example of a teen dreaming big. Her plan was to become the youngest person to sail around the world alone, but unfortunately some complications prevented this. The teen was found stranded at sea--but I can't see this hiccup preventing such an ambitious person from trying again. The teens in this cluster also had big dreams, worked hard and succeeded. Big dreamers, go far!

Implications - Regardless of your age, as you're looking through this collection you should start to consider where the impetus for such wild (and seemingly out of reach) many of the ideas these kids have. They made them happen not by sitting back and listening to the critics, but by believing in themselves and honing in on one goal. Bring that energy into your life and think of the possibilities.

Teens Who Dream Big, Inspired by the Compelling Abby Sunderland Story: