14-Year-Old Damon Williams on Money Track

There is a new program on PBS called Money Track about 14-year-old Damon Williams who knows how to use the stock market to make an earning. His profound knowledge and passion for investing give him the potential of what PBS claims to be a "millionaire in the making." The child investor took the advice of his mother to buy shares in a company before making any purchases, so instead of going out and buying his first pair of basketball sneakers, he bought a stock in NIKE. The star player on his school basketball team really capitalized on his shares, earning a gross total of nearly $50,000. The gifted boy really has the makings of the next Warren Buffet and is already on his way.

Damon Williams gives speeches to other children his age to show how they too can make an earning. His core strategy is not to buy and sell quickly but rather to become a long term stock holder and make a bundle over time. The young boy seems to know what he is doing and is starting to change the way Wall Street is managed.