From Retro TV Drama Editorials to Retro Blond Hairstyles

 - Aug 31, 2012
The fashion industry has become obsessed with bringing back the style of the past as these 80s-inspired editorials show. Inspired by movies, books and more, it is easy to become enamored with a long-gone generation and their retro style. While the upcoming film 'The Great Gatsby' has reignited people's passion for flapper fashion, it is a little harder to find out how and why the 80s have resurfaced so furiously.

These 80s-inspired editorials are all about big hair, strong shoulders and tons of makeup. Considering that many women have been enjoying a minimalist fashion and beauty routine, which focused on natural looks, it can be safe to say that some have wanted to indulge more and more. These 80s-inspired editorials provide a great place to figure out how to do just that.