Our Flying Friends, From Robo-Birds to Avian Couture

 - Jul 28, 2009   Updated: May 30 2011
Some people keep them as pets, some throw bread crumbs at them, some wildly scream and run after them to scare them off. Birds are fun, friendly (at times) and beautiful.

This cluster is a little tribute to our flying friends through jewelry or fashion or even ROBOTS (okay, there's one)! So don't ruffle your feathers and just enjoy these 70 birdie innovations.

Implications - Avians are known for their small stature, but more so for their grace due to their ability to fly. While this is impossible for humans on a physical level, consumers are looking for design aspects that evoke the freedom of flight. This is reflective in the new, free-flowing, aerodynamic aesthetic the design industry is utilizing to provide consumers with products that are modern and metaphorically represent liberty without restraint.