Quetzacoatl Nest

 - Feb 25, 2008
References: cubeme
Given the choice of posting another amazing white apartment (which was truly lush) and this one was indeed a hard choice but in the end it was the Quetzacoatl Nest with its playful appeal, child-like innocence and supreme textured design that one the battle. Dark forces may have had some influence in the decision as the house gets its name from the Aztec snake / bird God of knowledge. Designed and built by Organica's Javier Senosiain on a plot of over 12 acres the home blends effortlessly into the undulating land and fresh greenery.

The house looks like a cross between an Antoni Gaudi (Barcelona) and a Charlie & The Chocolate Factory creation and is sure to appeal to children, as much as it does the child in every adult. The textured walls compel you to touch; the curves invite you in deeper; and the colors overpower your senses until you enter into the mostly ground-level house of dreams and fantasies.

The Quetzacoatl Nestou is a tantalizing 'Home Sweet Home' and you are invited to see if the walls are made of sweets and chocolates or if it was all just a dream...