Nest Bracelet

 - Mar 22, 2008
References: vivre
You'd have to pay me to stick my hand in a real birds nest, but if it's an imitation and done up beautifully like this bangle, I'd considering wearing it. On the other hand, shelling out $1,035 to buy the Nest Bracelet is out of the question.

The Nest Bracelet is one of the latest luxury accessories at, and is a beautiful example of design inspired by nature. Whether you've got tiny bird wrists or not, the 3" thick piece of jewelry by Saprang is quite a statement piece. The bangle itself is made from sterling silver while the outer portion that looks like a bird's home is handmade from brass wire.

The bangle looks more like it should hold a tealight, although that would be a bad idea unless there's a fire extinguisher near by.