40 Recycled Treasures

 - Sep 27, 2008
Can you believe that since June of 2008 alone, we've brought you over forty eco-friendly treasures made from recyclables?  It is awesome to know that so many people are coming up with creative designs and ways to help make our planet last a little longer, even if at times those efforts seem to go unnoticed. 

We have chandeliers made from dolls, chairs made from recycled furniture, art made of recycled mosaics, and much more.  Also, I've included the new newspaper clutches, handbags, and totes by Ecoist. Fancy that, taking what seems like nothing but bad news and doing something good with it.  You'll notice the second one resembles the popular recycled candy-wrapper clutch from the same company.

Hopefully, we'll see more fantastic creations from recyclables in the near future--perhaps as soon as within the next few minutes!