1966 VW Beatle Becomes "The Golden Mean"

 - Sep 4, 2008
References: blog.wired
As the images show, a recycled 1966 VW Bug, which made its debut at Burning Man, has taken on a new identity.

It’s been transformed into an enormous, ride-on, six-seater, glow-in-the-dark, fire-shooting mechanical snail!

The "herbie" art car, called The Golden Mean, was made by blacksmith Jon Sarriugarte, a custom home furnishing designer.

The idea came from his wife, Kyrsten Mate, who dreamed up the rolling piece of art. The vehicle was named after the golden ratio, a mathematical proportion said to be aesthetically pleasing.

Its debut was at the Burning Man anti-branding art festival these year, which ran under the theme of the "American Dream."

This is recycling at its most innovative. Give us a ride?