From Sleek Design to Edgy Fashions

 - Jan 27, 2009
This cluster is an ode to all things Danish from a Copenhagen-born girl missing home. What better way to nationalize your day than to celebrate the coolness of Denmark? The small country of only 5.5 million people is a nation known for its creative innovation in areas of design, new energy and architecture.

Denmark is also widely known for its welfare state model, windmill energy and a very popular royal family. We actually get paid to go to school - that is how committed the state is to educating the public, which gives the notion of ‘equal opportunities’ a real meaning. Everyone pays high taxes, but hey, we all have free health services and the elders get looked after too.

So it is my pleasure to present you with the top 32 best Danish design innovations on TH, from the edgier ends of fashions and traditions to regional customs of the Scandinavian Metropol.