The FLOWmarket Scarcity Goods Collection

 - Oct 28, 2008
References: theflowmarket
This product line from FLOWmarket is a clever way to bring awareness of concrete and abstract imbalances in our modern societies today. From tolerance to pure tap water, FLOWmarket features products with sustainability in mind.

I Love the FLOW aesthetics and the fact that you can buy a PAUSE in a pill jar. FLOWmarket is all about inspiring businesses to think in terms of sustainable innovation. It is about making businesses aware of the fact that commercialism and a holistic mindset can go hand in hand.

FLOWmarket is about making people think. We can all think, live and consume more holistically. Using humor teamed up with a clean cut sleekly designed package really works for me.

Behind FLOW Market is Danish designer Mads Hagstroem, who started the holistic project back in 2004. Since then, it has been met with great success and interest globally, and has received numerous recognitions in Europe, the US and Asia.