20 Refreshing Waterfall-Inspired Innovations

 - Mar 21, 2009
Waterfalls are dangerous, powerful and yet strangely serene and relaxing. They are the motivation for people to perform risky stunts, like launching themselves over Niagara Falls in a barrel, or the guy from China who recently put himself in the record books diving from a height of over 12.19 meters. They're also used as the backdrop for exotic fashion shoots.

New technology has allowed for images and words to be displayed in falling water as advertising and for people to play in streams of water yet remain dry. Chic bathrooms are not complete without a spa-inspired waterfall shower head, which spills a cascade of water over your body. And waterfalls have also been spotted in public art, exhibited in optical illusion street drawings and giant bridges flaunting colorfully-lit spills of river water.

Take a look at all these cascading finds, I’m sure you’ll feel refreshed after the experience.