Taking Touch Walls to a New Level

 - Jul 20, 2008
References: baekdal
This WaterBoard exhibit has to be one of the coolest interactive exhibits I've seen.  The design by Mark Burton titled 'WaterBoard', has a number of virtual streams of water falling down its surface.

Anything that comes into contact with the board diverts the water's path. Using whiteboard markers the water can be directed in countless ways down the board, using the dry eraser to remove the drawn lines and the water adjusts back to its original route, guided by gravity.

The water can be 'pooled' and sea creatures will appear, if the water is allowed to run a path leaving 'dry land' nearby, plant life will grow.You can even place your whole body against the WaterBoard and have the 'water' fall all over you, while you remain dry.

Check out the demonstration in the video.

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