- Jan 31, 2010   Updated: Mar 23 2011
Waterfalls are a constant source of human amazement. From Argentina and Brazil's Iguazu to Zambia and Zimbabwe's Victoria Falls, there's something about a lot of water falling downward that makes us stare.

These wondrous waterfalls harness that interest and capitalize on it. Check out these 30 wondrous waterfalls and be amazed.

Implications - Waterfalls are gorgeous natural wonders that most people get very excited about. Having a waterfall indoors is super impressive and adds an instant luxurious appeal to the space. People are attracted to things out of the ordinary and would surely appreciate this majestic form of nature in any location. Nature indoors brings a sense of peace and beauty quite unlike any other form of decor.

With Waterfall Zoos and Urinal Waterfalls, Niagara Didn't Make the List: