Copenhagen Cycle Chic

 - Nov 26, 2007
References: copenhagengirlsonbikes.blogspot
This is a fantastic blog that goes to show that riding bikes doesn't have to interfere with looking fabulously stylish. Copenhagen Cycle Chic is dedicated to showcasing the real-life fashions worn by eco-commuters in Denmark's stylish capital.

The blog about bicycle culture totally makes sense in a city where "35% of the population - 550,000 people - ride their bike to work or school each day," the blog says. "Bicycles are such an integral part of our culture and there are many aesthetic aspects on the streets at any given moment."

"By providing a portrait of a city that lives and breathes bicycles," their hope is to inspire other cities to choose bicycles over cars, lobby for better bicycle routes in their own cities, but above all, this site could work to remind the fashion-conscious that they need not sacrifice looking pretty to reduce their carbon foot print.

Trend Hunter is keeping an eye out for more niche street-style sites like this!