From Jungle Snake Fashion to Wild Full Body Suits

 - May 20, 2011
The jungle offers fabulous fashion inspiration, giving styles an exotic look that convey nature and the wild. This list includes everything from head-to-toe animal prints to crocodile camouflage gear with crocodile sidekick accessories; it's perfect for fashionistas who enjoy fun, exoticism and vibrancy.

This top list of jungle-inspired fashions captures the jungle themes that influence the fashion world. From Alexander McQueen and Prada to Celine, designers all over the world have embraced jungle fashion at one time or another.

Fashion of this nature is not always embraced in everyday wardrobes, but its Mother Nature qualities and exoticism give it a particular edge that can make it perfect for nights on the town. Click through this list of jungled-inspired fashions to take a fashionable walk on the wild side.