22 Prada Innovations And Designs

 - Dec 29, 2008
Prada seemed to be all over the place throughout 2008 when it came to fashion. It’s as though designers couldn’t make up their minds between bizarre couture that one wouldn’t be caught dead-in, like their ginormous flared-pants, and chic wearable apparel from their gladiator line. 

Prada did a great job in the accessories department. Prada recycled headbands for children and their ultr-chic, fairy-style handbags rock.

As far as Prada’s ad campaigns for 2008, the Robotic Linda Evangelista was a flop  However, Prada’s animated film showcasing their Fall 2008 collection fared quite well.

Where will Prada head in 2009? Considering that one of their first fashions for the Prada S/S 09 season is the Skirtshort, it looks like Prada is starting the new year unable to make up it’s mind. "Hmmm, skirts or shorts? Skorts are so outdated, so we'll go half and half!"