19 Dinosaur Innovations

 - Apr 25, 2009   Updated: May 31 2011
Whether through their appearance, symbolism or simply by name, these innovations were all created based on something that everyone knows about--dinosaurs.

Somehow, without any media attention, these creatures have maintained some sort of popular following, despite being dead for millennia. 

The articles featured here range from functional skeleton-based furniture to advertising ideas and electronic replicas, all of which demonstrate the versatility of dinosaur inspiration.

Implications - When companies can tap in to popular themes and motifs within society and encorporate them into their brand's message, consumers feel instantly comforted by the familiar. The ability to recognize inspiration is comforting to people because they instantly feel like they can relate to your product. Incorporating motifs that are recognizable to a mass culture further ensures that your product can appeal to a wide range of lifestyles.