From Funky Junk Transformations to Retro-Techno Novelties

 - Jan 24, 2009
If steampunk space aliens were to pay me a visit, it would be important to have the right accoutrements with which to amuse them. Using a bit of wit and wile, I think I could come up with an appropriate mosh of techno delights to please.

Rivet state-of-the-art gadgetry to old-fashioned mechanical construction and you have the basics behind steampunk. It’s a steam-engine-era punk-rocker blend of creativity and design to construct an altered sense of time and space in which pierced rockers and lace-collared inhabitants would find much in common.

The concept grew out of a year-long comic book series by artist Chris Bachalo and writer Joe Kelly titled, of all things, 'Steampunk.' Though the series was canceled due to lack of interest, the aesthetic lives on.

I can really get into this stuff. It’s like a puzzle in need of solving: How to best express the punk and the steam eras as a seamless overlay applied to common objects to be used by, in this case, space aliens.

Steampunk is great fun, but I don’t have to start from scratch to please my imagined space touring friends; I can cruise the Trend Hunter Files for challenges, gifts and gadgets that I think space alien visitors would love.

What do you think? Post so I’ll know!