Steampunk Mac by Dave Veloz

This computer is the creation of Hieronymus Isambard "Jake" von Slatt who is an enthusiast of modern technology in historically inspired Victorian-era enclosures, an art form known as "steampunk." The creation is a beautifully-crafted and fully-functional laptop computer. The outer lid features a minutely detailed brass clockwork behind a glass panel, so that it appears the computer is running on gears and flywheels. In fact, this steampunk PC is a Hewlett Packard ZT1000 laptop computer dual-booting between Ubuntu Linux and Windows XP.

Call me crazy but I think this steampunk PC is absolutely gorgeous. The archaeologist wanna-be in me who loves everything from the 19th century and early 20th century right now is experiencing something very close to a cathartic experience. Or maybe it is just gas... In any event, I love this computer...thing!