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Susan Colantuono's Women Leadership Talk Discusses Closing the Gender Gap

 - Oct 1, 2014
In her women leadership talk, Susan Colantuono discusses the career advice women don't get. Women represent 50% of middle management and professional positions, but the percentage of female executives are not even a third of that number. The speaker believes there is a tremendous resource of leaders in middle management. She then poses the questions why are there so many women mired in the middle and what has to happen to take them to the top?

The women leadership talk discusses missing advice that prevents women from getting promoted and closing the gender gap. While leadership can be defined as using your gifts to create and sustain extraordinary outcomes by engaging the talents and skills of others, each of these components are not equally important to success. The speaker states creating and sustaining extraordinary outcomes is more valuable and is best accomplished using business, strategic and financial acumen. She also dives into the reasons why women don't receive this advice.