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Peter Kareiva Has Unique Views in This Upbeat Environmental Talk

 - May 9, 2013
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Peter Kareiva believes that the notion of caring about the planet is too often dismissed and during this upbeat environmental talk he explains why we need to rephrase the topic of conservation in order to make a lasting difference.

According to Peter Kareiva, Earth is remarkably resilient. During his speech, Kareiva remains upbeat and points out that the main problem with the conservation movement is the information people are given on the topic. The notion under which people are operating is misinformed, which results in little to no improvement.

He believes that although the planet has been labeled as fragile and delicate, it should be recast as resilient and fertile. Kareiva notes that not only is this a more accurate depiction of the current state of our planet, but it is also a more positive way to motivate people. This positive take on conservation drives more people to want to change, which Peter does not deny needs to happen sooner rather than later.