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Stefano Merlin Discusses Waste in This Environmental Recourse Speech

 - Apr 16, 2013
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Stefano Merlin talks about environment management, emission reduction products and renewable forms of fuel in this straightforward and optimistic environmental recourse speech. Focusing mainly on the information obtained while studying the Brazilian Amazon, Merlin offers his opinions on how his findings can be applied to all of the endangered ecosystems in the world.

According to Stefano, there are three main issues involved with ecosystem conservation; climate change, biodiversity conservation, and transferring knowledge to rural and local people. He stresses the importance of emission reduction from organizations and companies.

One of the strongest points Stefano makes is the necessity of using renewable substances such as bamboo, coconut waste and sawdust as fuel for factories. Stefano and his team have made extraordinary efforts to ensure that local factories in northeast Brazil are using these renewable substances whenever possible. Stefano believes that this fuel-switching initiative will have a remarkable environmental responsible outcome for future generations.