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Scott Dinsmore's Self Discovery Keynote is Revealing

 - Dec 24, 2012
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A common question Scott Dinsmore, founder of Live the Legend, asks people regarding their passion is why they are doing what they are doing, to which the answer is often a complacent one as he describes in his self discovery keynote.

Simply being instructed to do something, to believe that it is expected or that it's the norm, is not enough to fuel one's limited love for work. While individuals tend to give up or not start at all, passion and interests are often discarded due to fear of failure or ridicule. Live the Legend, an organization founded by Dinsmore, works to help individuals take the path less traveled and creates an environment where people can feel like they belong.

Having almost given up hope for Live the Legend, which was not growing as he imagined after four years, Dinsmore moved to San Francisco where he was surrounded by equally creative and inspired minds. "How could I do this?" quickly changed to "How could I not?" After additional efforts to improve the business, Live the Legend grew over 160 times it was prior to Dinsmore's relocation and is now being used by over 30,000 people worldwide.