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Patrick Dixon's Telecom Leadership Keynote Speaks to Tech Industries

 - Jul 14, 2012
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In this telecom leadership keynote, Patrick Dixon outlines the potential for members of the technology and telecom industry to create long-lasting and positive change for people all over the world. In order for this potential to evolve into a reality, however, the change and leadership must emerge out of a passion to make a positive difference.

A passion to make a difference is where it all starts -- members of an organization, company or brand must connect with the passions, beliefs and vision of its leader. Cohesiveness is key to making a substantial difference in the world today, which can benefit everyone.

Today, people from every corner of the world can find others who share similar passions, visions and ethics thanks to technology. Technology enables leaders to seek out like-minded individuals who view making positive changes as much more important than generating revenue.