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Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel Discusses the Importance of Team Thinking

 - Mar 6, 2012
References: bethelinstitute & youtube
Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel holds a PhD in communications from San Francisco State University and the University of Southern California. Bethel established one of the first business training facilities in Eastern Europe, found in Opole, Poland. Bethel's focus lies in leadership and change as well as maximizing human resources. Her brief address outlines what she believes to be the five F's of successful leadership.

To become a change master leader, one must be able to act fast. In being quick and efficient, the bottom line can be more profitable. When focused, each person knows how to do his or her job. To bring this together, a company must be fluid and flexible. This flexibility is vital in handling the various changing needs of customers. Finally, a company must be forward-thinking. The next step in innovation must always be a factor in decision-making.