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Coleen Christie's Talk on the News Discusses Personal Bias On and Off Air

 - Mar 10, 2015
In her talk on the news, CTV Vancouver news anchor Coleen Christie explains the role of bias in a truly "informed" society. The broadcast journalist states that if information is power, then never has our ability to leverage that power been more at risk. There has been a change in news consumption habits, largely facilitated by digital media, that hugely affects what we consider to be newsworthy.

The speaker explains in her talk on the news how wary people are of bias in journalism, but she proposes the problem is actually the bias in the consumer. She describes how even though people are obtaining their news from a variety of platforms, it's usually only from one source. Social media is designed to only offer you more of the same. Therefore, your preferences determine your bias and your content curation only feeds your personal biases more.

She encourages people to diversify their news sources as mainstream media continues to work on not just providing facts, but context.