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Tim Leberecht's Talk on the Human Workforce Notes a Computerized Future

 - Dec 8, 2016
References: ted & youtube
Tim Leberecht's talk on the human workforce begins with a sobering fact: half of the human workforce will likely be replaced by software, robots, and machines within the next 20 years. For Leberecht, this does not mean that corporate leaders will have to abandon people -- rather, they will be forced to adapt in a way that machines simply cannot: by creating beauty.

Leberecht outlines four ways in which leaders can use beauty to foster a human workplace. First, the need to do the unnecessary. Machines are brutally efficient, so a human leader can encourage a human workforce by thinking in terms of practical inefficiencies. Next, leaders can create organizational intimacy. Third, companies that are most human are the ones that take the risk to be ugly. Finally, organizations need to remain incomplete rather than getting to a definitive end goal.