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Tim Leberecht's Brand Control Keynote Encourages Transparency

 - Oct 9, 2012
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Marketer Tim Leberecht discusses how and why companies no longer dictate their reputations in this brand control keynote. What happens on Wall Street does not stay on Wall Street and what happens in Vegas goes on YouTube; in today's world, reputations are volatile and loyalty is fickle. Leberecht aims to convince companies and brands why giving their employees and customers more control and freedom can actually help their reputations.

Research proves that giving employees more control over their schedules and salaries empowers them and makes more happy and satisfied in the end. On the flip side, however, giving them less control in other situations reduces the abundance of choice, creating a more meaningful and tailored experience.

Lastly, he encourages brands and companies to remain open and completely transparent. The brands that will succeed today are the ones that at the end of the day can say they remained true to themselves.