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Bob Stein's Talk on Rites of Passage Considers Secularist Practices

 - Apr 17, 2018
References: ted & youtube
Former radical activist, new media founding father, and publisher Bob Stein delivered a talk on rites of passage for a TED event.

He starts out his talk by considering the different experiences during his childhood that caused him to cast away the more traditional rites of passage that many of his peers experienced. As a secularist, Stein always found it difficult to abide by the customs that seemed so strange to him, so he started to form his own ritual that could be passed on. He started experimenting with different practices, and he found that open forms of discussion and references to a person's unique memorabilia enabled others close to them to truly connect and talk about what really mattered to them.

With his talk on rites of passage, Stein considers how he felt more fulfilled in coming up with his own practices than he did in abiding by those already set out. As people are living longer than they used to, he says that it's important to pass along stories to different generations, and to develop more personal connections with loved ones that can have a meaningful impact.