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Sitawa Wafula Explores Support Systems in Her Talk on Advocacy

 - Aug 4, 2017
References: mymindmyfunk & youtube
Sitawa Wafula, a nomadic mental health crusader who was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 17, begins her talk on advocacy by telling her audience about how she struggled to accept her diagnosis when she was in her final year of high school.

Wafula states that the most difficult part about dealing with her diagnosis had been a lack of support and coping skills, which made it incredibly hard for her to accept herself. This led her to have seizures more frequently, and she began to feel trapped and depressed due to the severe frustrations that she was dealing with. During this time, she started to share her story with others, which allowed her to connect with those who've dealt with similar issues. Eventually, she made a career out of helping others and speaking about the stigma that's associated with mental health.

With her talk on advocacy, Wafula exposes the importance of talking about these issues and educating the public on what they mean, so that an open dialogue is fostered and others don't have to feel the same sense of isolation that she once did.