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In Her Talk on the Female Gaze, Emma Jones Considers Sexist Norms

 - Jun 30, 2017
References: ksbnetwork & youtube
Journalist Emma Jones introduces her talk on the female gaze by telling her audience about the time that she was asked to interview Jennifer Aniston.

While she was preparing for the interview, Jones began to notice how absurd the questions she had been asked in recent times really were. With Anison having recently turned 40 years old, most reporters focused on her age and how she was dealing with it. When looking into this, Jones noticed the discrepancy between the interest in a woman's age and that of a man's. This inspired her to ask Aniston about how she felt about this instead.

Jones continues her talk on the female gaze by explaining why the media and society itself puts so much pressure on women by placing an invisible expiry dates on them in Hollywood. While these issues and the causes of them are deeply integrated into western culture, Jones' talk reveals the need to call them out and to not buy into media that perpetuates degrading content of women.