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In Her Talk on Relocation, Jialing Jiang Describes Her Mother's Past

 - May 2, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Jialing Jiang, a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill who studies Economics and Philosophy, considers the value of immigration in her talk on relocation.

To show her audience how this has impacted her personally, she explains her mother's story. Her mother left her small village to move to Beijing, where she was far more likely to find success. When she moved, she settled down and eventually became the CEO of an engineering firm -- something that would have been impossible if she did not immigrate. With this story, Jiang shows that everyone should have a right to decide where they call home, as sometimes their birthplace provides little to no opportunity for them.

Throughout her talk on relocation, Jiang considers how immigration benefits everyone, and how a limited perspective can lead to discrimination. By exposing the arbitrariness of the divisions between nations, she shows that immigrants create homes and jobs -- rather than taking them away.