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Sayu Bhojwani Describes Her Own Experiences in Her Talk on Immigration

 - Dec 22, 2016
References: ted & youtube
Sayu Bhojwani considers the importance of maintaining a multicultural representation in her talk on immigration. She opens by saying that most people have a dream when they come to America and that most often, this dream "usually has to be rewritten and always has to be re-purposed."

Now, Sayu Bhojwani trains immigrants to run for public office so that they can help to ensure that democracy is truly inclusive. She believes that by incorporating these voices, America's democracy would be better and stronger, as it would reflect the desires of those living there and prevent the continued spread of inequality.

In her talk on immigration, Sayu Bhojwani says that too often, the door of opportunity is slammed in the face of those who have a non-white name, a different religion, the "wrong" skin color or immigration status.

Elaborating on this, she explains that the vantage point offered by many immigrants has gone largely untapped, despite the fact that these are the people who have fought for their right to be there more than most. She ends by driving the point that democracy needs to be fully inclusive if it's going to live up to its definition at all.