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Jonathan Tepperman Evaluates Adversity in His Speech on Progress

 - Dec 22, 2016
References: ted & youtube
Being the managing editor of 'Foreign Affairs,' Jonathan Tepperman is well-versed on the differing global opinions that make can make change a supremely difficult task, which is what he targets throughout his enlightening speech on progress.

After events like Brexit and the US election, this polarity is even more pronounced. Other issues that often drive people apart include immigration and climate change, as these topics can take on widely different narratives that people tend to be very passionate about. However, Jonathan Tepperman doesn't subscribe to the cynical opinion many take in response to these issues.

In response to the negativity that's often exuded by the media, Jonathan Tepperman traveled the globe as a journalist and asked people what they had done to combat the problems they took issue with. In doing so, he found that more progress is being made than people might think. An example of this is Canada's acceptance of immigrants over the years, which has led to much of population citing its multiculturalism as one of its main draws, rather than a point of conflict.

Throughout his speech on progress, Jonathan Tepperman evaluates the different policies other nations have been enacting to lessen the damaging effects of adversity. With this, the scholar shows that nations everywhere have the ability to make change, which is something that they should never stop pushing for.