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Jonathan Haidt's Talk on Political Division Speaks to the US

 - Dec 15, 2016
References: ted & youtube
After 2016's election results, Americans have become more aware than ever of the barriers that separate them, which Jonathan Haidt considers in his talk on political division.

A social psychologist, Jonathan Haidt has spent much of his time researching the biases that tend to come along with one's moral position, something that very often influences political opinions.

Although this is particularly amplified in the US, the psychologist stressed the importance of maintaining and open-mind when discussing these issues. Throughout his talk of political division, Jonathan Haidt considers rising immigration and the fears associated with it, the faults of social media and unreliable news sources, advertising, as well as the differences of opinion concerning human nature that the left and right hold.

With this conversation, Jonathan Haidt demonstrates how people within one nation can have such separated views and how the left and right can begin to dissolve the demonization of either side that's largely resulted from it.