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Walter Hatch's East Asia Keynote on Japan's Foreign Relations

 - Mar 23, 2015
In his East Asia keynote, Professor Walter Hatch discusses how Japan's relations with other countries in the area could be improved through partnerships rather than verbal apologies. The teacher of East Asian politics offers historical context for Japan's relationship with other states to explain why Japan's brutal past haunts current relations with their neighbors today.

The speaker feels that, while some feel Japan hasn't confronted their wartime behavior is true to an extent, overall such criticism of Japan is unfair. He references numerous apologies on behalf of state executives and compares this to nations like the United States. The East Asia keynote declares countries are not people, which means they can reconcile without "engaging in dramatic acts of contrition." He uses improved relations between Germany and France as an example as well as Germany's actions following the holocaust.

The East Asia keynote takes the position that partnerships like the European Union, which are acts of cooperation and deeds versus apologetic words, are the solution.