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Diane Wolk-Rogers' Talk on Parkland Considers Feasible Change

 - May 15, 2018
References: ted & youtube
Florida public school history teacher and activist Diane Wolk-Rogers delivered a talk on Parkland's shooting for a TED event, in which she considers how Americans can help to put an end to senseless gun violence.

She begins her talk by explaining her experience of the horrific act that occurred on Valentine's Day in 2018. When the school was alerted of the shooter, Wolk-Rogers did what she could to organize and protect her students, while trying to remain calm and composed. Although she and her class made it to safety, she was at a loss for what to do next, and the tragic results of that day have stuck with her.

The events of that day, and the questions her students had for her following it, prompted Wolk-Rogers to do her research on how mass shootings could be prevented, beginning with gun law reform. She breaks her findings down by speaking to the history of the Second Amendment, revealing how its wording has been adjusted to suit different cultural narratives over time.

Wolk-Rogers continues her talk on Parkland by highlighting a few solutions to gun violence and how they can be achieved. This includes the need to hold gun manufacturers responsible for the damage their weapons cause, regulate availability by voting for common sense gun reform, and rigorously partaking in mental health assessments and making access to care more available.

With her talk, Wolk-Rogers offers a powerful perspective that speaks to her personal experience, which prompts her listeners to do their own research and consider how gun regulation can change to protect children around the country.