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Dave Sargent's Talk on Domestic Violence Shows How One Can Help

 - Nov 4, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Former police officer Dave Sargent begins his talk on domestic violence by describing an encounter he had with a woman who had to run away from her husband on foot and leave her three children behind, a type of situation that he says he's been witness to many times throughout his career.

Sargent continues his talk by considering the grave statistics that are associated with domestic violence in the US, such as the fact that more than 10 million people are abused by their partners each year. A large part of what keeps people from doing something about this is a lack of familiarity, as they often don't see it as such a severe problem until they deal with it on a personal level. In addition, people believe that victims are able to leave whenever they choose, which is almost never the case. Often times, these behaviors follow generational patterns, and the abuse happens over a long period of time that leaves a person completely trapped.

By considering the many heartbreaking situations he's witnessed firsthand as a police officer, Sargent gives his audience a better understanding of what victims go through, and highlights the need for communities to offer their support so that these victims can have access to a way out.