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Alexis Jones' Speech Aims to Combat Violence Against Women

 - Feb 13, 2017
References: alexisjones & youtube
Alexis Jones' speech reinvents what the term "locker room talk" can and should mean – as she discusses her work traveling to schools around America and discussing feminism and respecting women with young male athletes.

The activist, who founded the 'ProtectHer' program puts the focus on male athletes due to their ability to function as role models for men and boys across America. With so many athletes being spotlighted for violence against women, Alexis Jones aims to target the issue where its symptoms manifest – the locker room. She aims to teach young men to reframe how they talk and think about girls and women, and encourages society to work against poisonous mindsets against women that lead to horrific consequences in the form of sexual assault, domestic abuse and the murder of women.

A particularly interesting point that Jones makes is that talking to these young men in a way that they can relate to is crucial – they will not find academic terminology as engaging and worthy of respect as older generations, activists and academics might.