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In Her Talk on Libido, Keesha Ewers Explores the Power of Meditation

 - Feb 8, 2017
References: drkeesha & youtube
Keesha Ewers, a doctor of sexology, explains the power of meditative healing in her talk on libido.

More specifically, she delves into the libido of women and what influences it throughout their lives. She says a lack of libido in women is usually attributed to factors like stress, self-consciousness, tiredness, chronic pain and depression. The latter is especially prominent due to the side-effects of anti-depressant drugs. As a sexologist, Keesha Ewers constantly has women coming to her to ask for hormones, which they believe will help them with their libido. However, she explains that issues regarding one's sex life often go much deeper than this and it's impossible to enhance this with hormones without working on deeper issues first.

She discovered this firsthand when she was prescribed a number of different drugs to help her deal with an autoimmune disease. Upon further research, she found that yoga and meditation could be incredibly helpful with this. By taking the time to dig deep emotionally, she realized where the root of her trouble laid. For her, it was the trauma she dealt with as a child, when she was sexually abused. After realizing this, she worked hard to heal emotionally, using a system she calls "The Freedom Framework." Four steps comprise it, which are: uncover the root cause, confront the data, connect the dots and create with intention.

This inspired her to do her own study, where she prompted other women to think about these factors before looking to drugs which would likely further their problems. With her talk on libido, Keesha Ewers uncovers the supreme ability of internal power, as well as the importance of emotional healing and awareness when it comes to improving one's sex life.